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Banbury Guardian Feb 5th 2015

Banbury Guardian News Front Page 29th Jan 2015!

A campaign has been launched to tackle the problem of 
selfish commuters using 
the streets of Grimsbury as 
a car park.

Grimsbury Community Association and county councillor Mike Beal joined forces and delivered 250 leaflets this past week highlighting the issue and asking for suggestions on how to resolve it.

They say concerns have been expressed by many residents over the amount of people parking in the streets as an alternative to paying parking charges at the railway station and in the town centre. The main roads affected are Waterloo Drive, Causeway, Alma Road, Merton Street and Middleton Road.

Rev Sue Burchell, Vicar of St Leonard’s Church and chairman of Grimsbury Community Association, said: “It’s been an issue for a long time with people leaving their cars and going off to the station.

“It’s still going on even though the station car park has been improved. Residents are coming to us and saying ‘can you figure this out?’

“We don’t have the answers but we’re trying to make people aware that this is a big problem. It makes it difficult for residents to park and also to get through Grimsbury; it’s a safety issue.”

She added she is also keen for people to join the association to promote the work done in the community.

Mr Beal, who represents Grimsbury and Castle, said: “This has become a real problem and is unacceptable when the railway and the council offer sufficient parking.

“Grimsbury suffers from the worst traffic congestion, the worst air quality and now the worst quality of life and this is due to car drivers.

“Grimsbury is being choked by the town’s selfish residents who see the community as a car park to protect their pockets at the expense of local residents.”